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Scalp Micropigmentation works on all hair types, hair colors, hair lengths and stages of hair loss. Check out our complete portfolio of cases. 

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Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent way to add the appearance of fullness and thickness to your hair. SMP on long hair is a very effective procedure that provides instant results. It typically takes a minimum of 4 sessions to reach desired effect. For more severe cases or skin with higher rejection rates, it can take 6-8 sessions. 

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Tired of seeing your scalp show through your hair ? SMP density treatments on hairline turn thinning hair into what looks completely full and thick.


SMP density treatments on the crown area is such a game changer. Don't worry about whose staring at the back of your head or if that cowlick is is exposing that balding spot on the back of your head. 



Whether you have an FUT, FUE hair transplant scar or combination of both through multiple transplants, we have the solution for you. SMP camouflage can really open up your options on how you cut and style your hair. Even is you feel like you completely over harvested the donor area, we can fill it back in with a back and side density treatment as well. 

Shaved Head SMP

Shaved head SMP is one of the quickest anti-aging treatments that you can do for yourself. Receding hairlines progress going back as well as the side burns and temporal peaks. Making the face appear older. Redesigning hairline and bringing forward the temples can make you look 5-10 years younger instantly. Check out our incredible transformations.

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Female Density 

Female density treatments are a great option for any woman who is struggling with thinning hair. Whether genetic, female pattern thinning, traction alopecia or medical conditions like PCOS or post chemotherapy. Scalp Micropigmentation is the ultimate hair loss solution that delivers instant results. 

Salt & Pepper

Scalp micropigmentation is amazing if you have salt and pepper hair. Even if you begin to grey, SMP won't look odd or stand out in a negative way what so ever. If anything, it will help with the illusion of maximizing the appearance of fullness and thickness.

Microblading for Men

Hair loss is not restricted just to the top of your head. As we age we loose hair in the lateral portion of our eyebrows as well as in the center. The Guy Brow is focused on replacing what you lost. No more. No less. Masculine and undetectable.

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