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Does SMP work on Salt & Pepper Hair ?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can be effective for individuals with salt and pepper hair. SMP uses specialized pigments that can be matched to various hair colors, including the combination of gray and pigmented strands often seen in salt and pepper hair.

To create a natural and realistic appearance for salt and pepper hair, the SMP practitioner will carefully select pigments that mimic the different shades present in the individual's hair. This involves creating a customized blend of pigments to match the gray and pigmented strands, achieving a harmonious and seamless result.

The SMP procedure involves depositing pigmented dots onto the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. The dots are strategically placed to create the illusion of density and fullness, enhancing the overall appearance of the hair.

During the SMP process for salt and pepper hair, the practitioner will pay attention to the distribution and density of the pigmented dots to ensure they complement the existing hair color and create a natural transition. This attention to detail helps achieve a result that seamlessly integrates the pigmented dots with the salt and pepper hair, providing a fuller and more defined look.

It's important to consult with a qualified SMP practitioner who has experience working with salt and pepper hair. They will be able to assess your specific situation, discuss your desired outcome, and provide expert guidance on achieving the best possible SMP result for your unique hair color and pattern.

Newport SMP Practitioners are both Nurses and have worked on every hair color for both density and shaved head. Many of the samples of before and afters have varying degrees of salt and pepper hair and the results are extraordinary !

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